Only $150 Arrest Warrants for Traffic Tickets in Crestwood, MO - $150


Is there currently a St. Louis warrant for your arrest?  Was this warrant issued because of an old Crestwood, Missouri, traffic or speeding ticket?  Have you been nervous about driving anywhere (like to work, school, or the grocery store)?  Did you know that if you are pulled over with an outstanding arrest warrant in St. Louis that it is very likely you will be taken to jail immediately?


A traffic court judge will issue a bench warrant for your arrest when you fail to make an appearance in court regarding the St. Louis traffic ticket violation for which you were pulled over.  The court date and time can be found on the ticket itself.  But very often people can lose track of time and forget the date altogether.  Or the ticket gets misplaced, and you let the whole thing slip your mind.  It can happen to the best of us.


The good news is that this problem is fixable.  St. Louis arrest warrants can be removed.  Our firm works very closely with the St. Louis area courts, and we have developed relationships with most of the judges.  We specialize in getting the warrant pulled, so that you do not have to worry any longer about getting arrested. 

But our legal services do not stop there.  We continue on to the ticket itself, and immediately begin to negotiate with the prosecutor to get the charges reduced from a moving violation to a non-moving violation.  By getting the St. Louis traffic or speeding ticket amended to a non-moving violation, you will avoid any “points” from being assessed to your driving record.  Points are like little red flags that mar your record, making it appear as if you are poor driver.  This can result in much higher monthly automobile insurance premiums (and possibly even a suspension of your driver’s license). 

Crestwood, Missouri, is a suburb of St. Louis (and is found within the County of St. Louis).  It has an approximate population of 12,000 citizens.  Crestwood is home to many parks, and the land itself was originally owed by Ulysses S. Grant.

The affordable St. Louis speeding and traffic ticket lawyers at The Law Office of Jennifer Alter-Rieken have been assisting people with their traffic-related issues for over ten (10) years.  Our offices are located in the Central West End of St. Louis, at 1 North Taylor, 63108.  We are at the corner of Taylor and Laclede, with a free parking lot just to the west of us.  Fees for a straightforward warrant start at $150, but the consultation to discuss the matter is free of charge.  Please contact us today to begin the process!!

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