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“ARC Zone” is an area within St. Louis County that stands for Accident Reduction Corridor. This corridor was established in an attempt by several local municipalities to reduce speeding. Because of a statistically large number of traffic accidents in certain areas, citations that are issued within this zone come with a higher fine. The most prevalent portion of St. Louis the zone encompasses is the I-70 section that covers St. Ann, Berkeley, Cool Valley, Edmundson, Normandy, Northwoods, Woodson Terrace, and Pine Lawn. These specific municipalities are targeted most frequently, and a large number of St. Louis speeding tickets are written each year as a result.

St. Louis Arc Zone Tickets for $35

When you are pulled over by a police officer in the “ARC Zone,” there is not a whole lot of leniency that the law gives you. So if the posted speed limit is 55 miles per hour, and you were caught traveling in excess of that limit, chances are you will receive a St. Louis traffic ticket. Most people simply sign the back of the ticket, and mail in the associated fine to the court. This takes care of the matter, but it is important to understand that by signing the St. Louis speeding ticket, you are pleading guilty to the charge of speeding. The effect of this admission allows the state to assess points towards your driving record. Points are negative marks that can result in higher monthly premiums paid to your automobile insurance carrier. They can also lead to a suspension or revocation of your St. Louis driver’s license (if you accumulate enough of them over a short period of time).

The affordable St. Louis traffic and speeding ticket defense attorneys at The Bankruptcy Company have a much different solution in mind. Once we take over your ticket, our team of St. Louis traffic ticket lawyers immediately begins negotiations with the local prosecutor to get the infraction lowered to a non-moving violation. Doing so will eliminate any points from attaching to your permanent record, will keep your insurance rates in check, and will make sure that you will not lose your driving privileges.

Or if you have already plead guilty to the charge of speeding in the St. Louis ARC Zone, and points have been assessed, there may still be an opportunity to file a Motion to Withdraw the plea and get the ticket amended to a lesser charge. This is not possible in every scenario, depending on how along you took care of the St. Louis speeding ticket, but our team is more than happy to figure that out for you.

Our consultations are free of charge, and most of the information that we require can be retrieved over the phone (or you can simply fill out our online form). Contact us today to learn more!

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