Just $35 - Speeding and Traffic Tickets in Bel-Ridge, Missouri - $35


Getting pulled over for a St. Louis speeding ticket (or some other St. Louis traffic ticket violation, like running a red light, turn signal violation, or driving without a seatbelt) seems to be just one of those things that happens to everyone at some time in their lives.  It can be annoying (especially if you believe that the ticket was issued wrongly), and certainly time-consuming (most traffic stops take up about fifteen to thirty minutes in duration).  But since it is the job of the police forced to patrol the roadways and keep them safe, it is inevitable that at some point in your driving career, you too will be written up with a St. Louis ticket.


So what do you do when you receive a Bel-Ridge speeding or traffic ticket in or around St. Louis?  The first option would be to sign the back of the St. Louis traffic ticket and pay the fine.  But this can and will result in points being put on your permanent driving record.  Points are like negative strikes against you that have the effect of raising your automobile insurance, and putting you at risk of having your driver’s license suspended or revoked.

But this does not have to be the final outcome.  The affordable Bel-Ridge traffic and speeding ticket defense attorneys at The Law Office of Jennifer Alter-Rieken want to make sure that all of your traffic issues are handled with care and understanding.  Our goal is to take over your case, get the ticket amended to a lower charge (like a non-moving violation), make sure you do not have to make an appearance in court, and keep any and all points of your record. 

Bel-Ridge is a small town located in St. Louis County, and is described as a northern suburb.  There are around 2,500 residents that make Bel-Ridge their home, and is conveniently close by to Interstate 70.

The law offices of The Law Office of Jennifer Alter-Rieken can be conveniently found in the historic Central West End of St. Louis, 63108.  Our address is 1 North Taylor, on the corner of Taylor and Laclede.  The consultation with a St. Louis traffic ticket lawyer is free of charge, and most of the information we need in order to move forward with your case can be taken over the phone (or you can simply fill out our online form).  Our fees for a traffic or speeding ticket start at $35.  Contact us today to learn more!  

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