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Speeding and traffic tickets in Olivette, Missouri, can be a hassle (especially if the police stop itself takes a long time to get through).  But the larger headache can come later on down the road (after you think that you have already taken care of the St. Louis traffic ticket and are finished with it).  Because unless the traffic ticket is handled correctly, you could end up paying a much higher rate of automobile insurance.  Or in the alternative, you may even have to deal with a suspension of your driver’s license.  This is why it is so terribly important to understand what you rights and obligations are, and why it is a very good idea to contact an experienced St. Louis speeding ticket attorney to help you figure out the best course of action to take.


The affordable Olivette, Missouri, speeding and traffic ticket lawyers at The Law Office of Jennifer Alter-Rieken are in the business of taking over your case and immediately getting the charges reduced from a moving violation (like speeding, or no proof of insurance) to a non-moving violation (like excessive noise, or illegal parking).  We negotiate this reduction with the local prosecutor, and therefore prevent the assessment of points to your permanent driving record.  “Points” are like red flags that the state puts on your record to show a poor driving history.  As a result, your automobile insurance provider will up your monthly premiums (so as to compensate for the risk that you have become in offering you a policy).  Several points over a short period of time can even result in a suspension of your driving privileges.

Found within the county of St. Louis (and described as a suburb of St. Louis City), Olivette, Missouri, is a town of nearly 8,000 people.  Olivette was officially incorporated in 1930, when the surrounding communities of Central, Tower Hill, Olive, and Stratmann converged into a single city.  Today, the area is served by the Ladue School district.  Former notable residents of Olivette include Lou Brock (former St. Louis Cardinal baseball player) and Jim Hart (former St. Louis Cardinal football player).

The law offices of The Law Office of Jennifer Alter-Rieken can be found on the corner of Taylor and Laclede in the Central West End of St. Louis, 63108, at 1 North Taylor.  We offer a free consultation with an expert St. Louis traffic ticket lawyer, free parking, and free smiles.  Fees for a run-of-the-mill St. Louis traffic ticket start at $35.  Contact us today to learn more!   

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