Automobile Insurance and St. Louis Traffic Tickets


There are two different ways in which automobile insurance is affected when you are talking about a St. Louis traffic ticket in the state of Missouri.  The first way deals with the fact that the state requires all licensed drivers of a moving vehicle to have adequate proof of automobile insurance while in operation of the vehicle.  So if you are pulled over by a police officer for having committed some traffic violation, and you are unable to provide any documentation to show that you possess insurance, there is a good chance that the officer will cite you for failure to provide proof.  This type of infraction is considered by the state to be a moving violation, and as a result, four (4) points are assessed to your permanent driving record.  Points reflect badly on your record, as they indicate a history of traffic violations. 


The second way in which insurance is affected by St. Louis speeding tickets is directly related to the first.  If a certain number of points accumulate on your record over a short period of time, this can result (ironically) in a dramatic rise in your monthly auto insurance premiums.  This is because the more of a “risk” that your insurance carrier believes you to be, the higher the rates they will charge.  In short, the more points you get, the more you are going to pay for auto insurance.
But this need not be the end result.  The affordable St. Louis speeding and traffic ticket defense attorneys at The Law Office of Jennifer Alter-Rieken want to make sure that you the ticket you receive (whether it is for lack of proof of insurance, or any other violation) is handled with care and expediency.  Our staff will immediately begin negotiations with the local prosecutor, and work to get the ticket amended to a non-moving violation.  This will ensure that no points will be assessed, and that you will not have to make any appearance in court.

The initial consultation is free of charge, and we can retrieve most of the information needed in order to take care of things over the phone (or if you like, you can always fill out our online form).  Contact us today to learn more!  

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