Bankruptcy Lawyer in Mehlville MO

Only $675 Attorney Fees for a Mehlville Mo Chapter 7

What can i expect when i file for bankruptcy?

  1. The first thing you will notice is that all of that annoying creditor activity you are currently dealing with (like endless phone calls, nasty emails, or threatening letters) will come to a complete and total halt.
  2. And if one of your creditors has secured a judgment against you, then they will not be able to move forward with it (no more wage garnishments, no more bank levies, no more future lawsuits)
  3. But without question, the number one benefit of the bankruptcy is that it will give you a “fresh start / clean slate” so that you can move forward with life, and rebuild your financial standing
Only $300 Upfront Fees for a Mehlville Mo Chapter 13

Are there certain debts that will be handled when i file for bankruptcy?

  1. Credit cards and medical bills
  2. Old gym memberships, old utility bills, old cell phone bills, old overdrawn bank accounts
  3. Deficiency balances on things like car repossessions, home foreclosures, and broken rental contracts
  4. And really anything else that resembles an unsecured nature
What Are the Major Differences between a Chapter 7 and Chapter 13?
  1. The Bankruptcy Trustee in a Chapter 7 is trying to find any asset you own that has a bunch of equity (because he/she will want to liquidate it, and use the proceeds to pay off your unsecured creditors); the Chapter 13 Trustee is trying to make your monthly plan payment as high as possible (so that there is a greater chance that your unsecured creditors would receive funds)
  2. A Ch7 runs about five months from start to finish; a Ch13 will last between three and five years
  3. A Ch7 is a simple discharge of unsecured debt; a Ch13 is a repayment plan

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