Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Arnold, MO - for as little as $675


When you are trying to deal with a burdensome load of debt, attempting to stay on top of various monthly payments to your creditors, and your salary and/or hours have been reduced, it is difficult not to be overwhelmingly stressed.  This kind of situation is compounded if you have been let go from your job, and are now trying as hard as you can to make ends meet.  The affordable Arnold bankruptcy attorneys at The Law Office of Jennifer Alter-Rieken have been helping people get back on their feet for over ten (10) years.  We specialize in assisting people who need to file an Arnold Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  This kind of bankruptcy allows you to get rid of all of your credit cards, medicals bills, St. Louis payday loans, and old utility bills.  It is also the perfect way in which to knock out any debt associated with bank overdrafts or overdrawn accounts, deficiencies from car repossessions, foreclosures, or rental contracts, and gym or book memberships.  Our goal is to get all of your unsecured debt discharged forever so that you do not ever have to deal with rude creditors or collection agencies, the threat of law suits, and the ordeal of St. Louis wage garnishments or bank levies.


The city of Arnold, Missouri, is a bustling suburb of St. Louis that is situated just south of the city on Highway 55.  Arnold boasts a population of approximately 25,000 people, and is growing rapidly.  It is generally considered by most area residents as one of the few ‘up-and-coming’ places of the St. Louis region.  Nestled just inside of Jefferson County south of the Meramec River, it is the largest city in the entire county.  One the more prominent events held in Arnold is the annual Arnold Days each September.  This event is three days in length, and offers a host of activities to choose from, including carnival rides, games, and craft booths.  Arnold is a place that is growing not only in population, but also in its ability to attract vibrant, new companies to come and open their doors for business.  The location of this city is perfect for families wanting to raise their children in a safe environment, and still have access to all that the city of St. Louis has to offer.

Filing for St. Louis bankruptcy need not be viewed as an end-of-the-road experience.  In fact, just the opposite is true.  The court and government describe the process as a “fresh start / clean slate.”  It is a chance to wipe the slate clean of the past (like your unsecured creditors, whether they are credit cards, medical bills or payday loans), and it is the perfect opportunity to move forward with life in a positive direction.  No longer will you be burdened with harassing collection agencies, or threats of lawsuits, or dealing with an irksome wage garnishment.  Our office is located in the Central West End at 1 North Taylor, St. Louis, Missouri 63108.  The initial consultation to speak with an expert St. Louis bankruptcy attorney is free of charge, so call today!!

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