Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Herculaneum, MO - for as Little as $675

Only $675 for a Chapter 7

Having to deal with a large amount of debt can be very stressful. This is especially true when debt collectors and collection agencies are calling you day and night, asking for money that you simply do not have. In many ways, your life becomes all about how to avoid the hassles of the phone ringing constantly. And if your hours have been reduced at work, or your company is instituting cutbacks, or you are facing a possible layoff, you can begin to think that the whole world is collapsing.

But this set of circumstances does not have to continue indefinitely. Getting rid of the burdensome debt you currently have is easier than you may think. The affordable Herculaneum Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers at The Bankruptcy Company have been helping people in Jefferson County, MO get their lives back on track and in the right direction for over ten (10) years. A Missouri or Illinois Chapter 7 bankruptcy can relieve you of the debt you have incurred through credit cards, medical bills, and St. Louis payday loans. In addition, a Herculaneum Chapter 7 bankruptcy will put an end to St. Louis wage garnishment, bank levies, and will get rid of judicial liens against your property.

Herculaneum is a town in Jefferson County, Missouri. It’s founding was almost entirely a result of the fact that the city is located on land that is rich in certain mineral deposits. The richness of this soil brought many settlers and excavators eager to extract the minerals for a profit. Two individuals in particular, Moses Austin and Samuel Hammond, set up a small town in the area in order to help with their efforts to ship the smelted lead from the mines that were created near Joachim Creek. Today, the city of Herculaneum is located on the Mississippi River bluffs, about twenty-five (25) miles south of St. Louis. It boasts an annual production of approximately 225,000 tons of refined lead, and a core of hardworking men and women who operate the plants.

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