Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Northwoods, MO - for as little as $675


The affordable Northwoods bankruptcy lawyers at The Law Office of Jennifer Alter-Rieken provide expert legal services to our clients, and have done so for over ten (10) years.  During that time, our lawyers have filed thousands of Missouri and Illinois Chapter 7 bankruptcy petitions, gotten rid of more than a thousand St. Louis wage garnishments, and unfrozen hundreds of bank accounts.  In addition, our firm has stopped hundreds of home St. Louis foreclosures, recovered hundreds more repossessed cars, and relieved millions of dollars in unsecured debt


Upon filing a Northwoods Chapter 7 bankruptcy, your creditors will be unable to ever contact you again (including phone calls and letters), the underlying debt will be discharged forever (like credit cards, medical bills, St. Louis payday loans, and overdrawn bank accounts), and you can reaffirm the secured loans on property you wish to keep (like a car, house, or rent-to-own items).  Perhaps the greatest component of this kind of case is the fresh start / clean slate that you will receive from the government.  This allows you to move forward with life, and leave behind the oppressive debt that had been burdening you for so long.  Reaching your financial goals, reestablishing your credit score, and putting yourself in a position to make large purchases in the future (like a new house) will now be things you will be able to accomplish.  This process starts as soon as you file a St. Louis bankruptcy. 

Northwoods, Missouri, is a city of roughly 4,000 people in St. Louis County.  It can be found along the I-70 corridor in North County.  Northwoods is near Glen Echo Park and the University of Missouri – St. Louis, and is just south of Jennings.

The Law Office of Jennifer Alter-Rieken is your primary law firm for all your financial, creditor violation, and bankruptcy needs.  We specialize in discharging unsecured debts, helping you reach your financial goals, and hold your creditors accountable when they act unlawfully.  Our offices can be found at 1 North Taylor, 63108, in the historic Central West End of St. Louis.  Free parking is available, and we are within walking distance to a number of four-star restaurants, shops, and pubs.  We offer a free initial consultation, and can set an appointment for you that fits within your schedule.  Our staff is prepared to assist you from the moment you call until the moment you receive your discharge of debts.  So call today, and take the first step towards rebuilding your life with a St. Louis bankruptcy lawyer.  

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