Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Pevely, MO - for as Little as $675

Only $675 for a Chapter 7

There is nothing quite like the sick feeling you get in yourstomach when the phone rings, knowing full well that it is yet another call from one of your creditors. Their tactics can be rude, harsh, demeaning,and threatening. Most people let the calls go to voicemail, and manysimply allow their cell plans to go unpaid (such is the extent and number ofcalls received day and night). This is one example of what life is like when you are dealing with high levels of debt that you have fallen behindon. It affects every aspect of our lives, from work to school, from oureveryday interactions with co-workers to our relationships with family andfriends. There is simply nothing quite like it. But filing a St.Louis bankruptcy can change all of this in an instant.

We Will Wipe out all of Your Unsecured Debts

Filing a Pevely Chapter 7 bankruptcy puts an end to this way of life, and allows you to move forward on a much betterpath. It frees you from the burdens associated with all variety ofunsecured creditors. This would include medical bills, deficiencies from a repossession, St. Louis payday loans, old utility bills, overdrawn bank accounts, and of course credit cards. Once you receive this discharge of debts, you can begin to immediately rebuild your credit rating. And within two years, you can expect to have reestablished your scoreby such an extent that you can begin to make large purchases like realestate. This turnaround can be realized when you hire the affordablePevely bankruptcy attorneys at The Law Office of Jennifer Alter-Rieken. Wewant to make sure you have the opportunity to receive a fresh start / clean slate, so that you may leave the burdens of the past behind you.

Pevelyis a city in Jefferson County, Missouri, which is situated about thirty minutessouth of St. Louis. It has a population of around 6,000. Pevelyhosts an annual “Homecoming Festival” for its citizens, a weekend long eventthat offers fireworks, games, crafts, and local entertainment. Inaddition, Pevely is home to the I-55 Raceway, which is one of the only dirttracks for racing in the area. The city is home to some the mosthardworking, patriotic Americans the country has to offer.

Whilegrappling with high volumes of debt is never fun, the staff at The Law Office ofJennifer Alter-Rieken wants to ensure that you are treated with nothing butrespect and a level of decency that you rarely receive from any otherprofessional organization. Our offices are located at 1 North Taylor inthe historic Central West End of St. Louis, 63108. The building can befound on the corner of Taylor and Laclede, and we offer a free parking lot aswell. The initial consultation with a St. Louis bankruptcy lawyer is freeof charge, so call today to set your appointment!

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