Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Pine Lawn, MO - for as little as $675


Trying your best to stay on top of all your bills can be a very difficult task.  With each creditor demanding money from you, and the threats of legal action mounting, your stress levels can reach maximum capacity.  This is why considering a Pine Lawn Chapter 7 bankruptcy can be such a wise decision.  A Missouri or Illinois Chapter 7 bankruptcy will allow you to rid yourself of all the unsecured debt you have been dealing with (whether the debt is with the original creditor, or if it has already been passed on to a collection agency).  This unsecured debt can be in the form of a credit card, medical bill, or St. Louis payday loan; or it can even be something less common, like a deficiency from an automobile repossession, an old gym membership, cable bill, cell phone contract, or overdrawn bank account


Filing such a petition with the Pine Lawn bankruptcy attorneys at The Law Office of Jennifer Alter-Rieken also means you get to keep all of your assets (real or personal property), so long as there is not substantial value or equity beyond your state exemptions.  For example, if the garage sale value of your personal property (cloths, books, furniture, etc.) is $3,000 or less, than our bankruptcy lawyers can make sure that you maintain possession.  In addition, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy puts a stop to things like wage garnishments, bank levies, and judicial liens.  This frees up more of your money, and allows you do with it as you please. 

Pine Lawn, Missouri, is a city of 3,275.  It is nestled within St. Louis County near Interstate 70.  The city is a smaller area of St. Louis, but is nonetheless populated by hardworking individuals who are care about their town, family, and friends.

The fresh start / clean slate that comes with the filing of a Pine Law Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the real bonus of your case.  This gives you the means to move forward with life in a much more positive direction.  It provides you with a chance to rebuild your credit rating, improve your financial standing, and get your affairs back in order.  The law offices of The Law Office of Jennifer Alter-Rieken are located at 1 North Taylor in the Central West End of St. Louis, 63108.  We offer a free initial consultation with a St. Louis bankruptcy attorney, a free parking lot, and free smiles the minute you walk in the door.  Call today and make the appointment that will change your life forever, as we help you free your future from your past with a St. Louis bankruptcy.   

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