Discharge of Debts in a St. Louis Bankruptcy

The final outcome of a St. Louis Chapter 7 bankruptcy is a discharge of unsecured debts.  Things like credit cards, medical bills, payday loans and the like are knocked out, or discharged.  This means that the creditors will no longer be able to collect on the debt, or demand payment, or call you ever again.  It also means that you will no longer have any obligation to pay towards the debt, or make arrangements to settle on the balance owed.  In one swift act by the bankruptcy court, all the unsecured creditors are discharged, and you will never be bothered by them again.

A St. Louis Chapter 13 bankruptcy is set up a bit differently.  This type of bankruptcy involves the repayment of certain creditors over the course of three to five years.  Debts such as car loans, mortgage arrears, taxes, and delinquent child support are primary examples.  It is also possible that a portion of your unsecured debts will need to be paid back as well (although there is an opportunity to get all of your unsecured creditors discharged in a Missouri Chapter 13, too).  But once that portion is paid off, the remaining balance of unsecured debt is discharged.

Obviously, the goal of any bankruptcy is get rid of as much debt as possible.  For the St. Louis bankruptcy attorneys at The Law Office of Jennifer Alter-Rieken, this is our number goal.  We believe that in order for you to find financial security, these debts must be discharged.  Our staff is prepared to help guide you towards that outcome, and get you the fresh start / clean slate that you deserve.

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