Filing For Bankruptcy in Shrewsbury MO

Only $675 Attorney Fees for a Shrewsbury Mo Chapter 7

When selecting a St Louis bankruptcy attorney, you should be aware that not all lawyers are created equal!! What does that mean? The main point to make is that bankruptcy is a very specialized area of law. And unless you hire a firm that knows what it is doing, you are risking the loss of some of your assets.

So how do you prevent this from happening? You should give us a call right away! We will answer all your questions, review your range of options, and get you back on your financial feet!

Only $300 Upfront Fees for a Shrewsbury Mo Chapter 13

At the free consultation, we will determine which chapter of bankruptcy is best for you. This could either a Chapter 7, or a Chapter 13. The difference between the two chapters is wide, but we make sure you fully understand the pros and cons of each!

For instance, a Ch7 is described by the court as a discharge of unsecured debts. This would include things like credit cards, medical bills, payday loans, and anything else that pops up on a credit report (like collection agencies). And if you have assets (like a house or a car), then we would make sure that those items are protected before filing the case.

On the other hand, there is a St Louis Chapter 13. This is described as a repayment plan over the course of three (3) to five (5) years. During this period of time, certain debts are paid back. This would include overdue mortgage payments, car loans, back child support, and recent tax debts. The idea is to consolidate these debts into one manageable monthly payment.

The affordable St. Louis bankruptcy attorneys at The Law Office of Jennifer Alter-Rieken have been saving and protecting people’s assets for years. Our goal is to make sure that you keep the assets and property you want, discharge the debts that you want to get rid of, and do it all at an affordable cost to you. All phone conversations and office consultations are free of charge.

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I contacted The Law Office of Jennifer Alter-Rieken for a speeding ticket. The service they provided was excellent and affordable. After emailing them a copy of the ticket, they they took care of everything else. I have referred several friends there, and they all have had the same experience. I highly recommend them. Ann Schrodt
All I'm gonna say is, if your using this office, Jennifer P. Alter gets things done, answers questions, e-mails quickly & professionally .... totally recommend her .... SHE ROCKS!! Andre Valentini
I've used this firm twice, both for speeding tickets. Both times it was zero hassle: just a matter of giving them the ticket. I've also recommended them to my friends, who have had the same experience. (My friends and I speed a lot.) Highly recommended. I'm sure I'll be back. David Rieken