Getting a St. Louis Traffic Ticket 'Fixed' - $35

Fees Start at $35 for St. Louis Speeding Tickets

Getting pulled over by a police officer is no fun. And receiving a St. Louis traffic ticket afterwards is even less fun. All of us would agree that having a specific speed limit is a good idea on the highway (and certainly residential areas). It reduces accidents (those resulting in fatalities, and simple fender-benders), minimizes road-rage, and keeps pedestrians safer. But no one thinks that getting a St. Louis speeding ticket is anything to jump for joy over.

We can Fix Most St. Louis Traffic Tickets for $35

Once the ticket is issued by the officer, you at that point have three options:

  1. You could simply sign the back of the citation, and mail in the associated fine;
  2. You could show in court on the designated date and time, and make an argument before the judge as to why you should not have been pulled over; or
  3. You can hire an experienced St. Louis speeding ticket lawyer to handle the ticket for you.
$35 for Most St. Louis Traffic and Speeding Tickets

Option one is by far the most costly and inefficient way of dealing with the ticket over the long run. If you were to simply pay the fine associated with the infraction, you are pleading guilty to the charge of speeding. This will in turn negatively affect your driving record by having “points” assigned to it. These points are like red flags on your record. As the points accumulate, the higher your automobile insurance rises. And if enough points find their way onto your driving record, you could either lose your driver’s license or have it suspended for a period of time.

Most Tickets Can Be Taken Care of for $35

Option two is not much better, as you will have to act as your own St. Louis traffic ticket attorney. Facing a night-court traffic judge and a seasoned prosecutor is not exactly a fun-filled evening. And unless you can provide compelling evidence that you were wrongly cited with a moving violation, then you are most likely going to be slapped with a stiff penalty (if not more).

But this does not have to happen. Your driving record can be kept clean, and your insurance premiums can remain low. You can avoid court altogether, can make sure that there is no risk of losing your license. The affordable St. Louis traffic ticket defense lawyers at The Bankruptcy Company have been helping people with their speeding tickets (and other traffic violations) for years. We have successfully negotiated with local prosecutors to get countless tickets reduced to non-moving violations, and have done so at a very low cost to the client. Most of the information we need can be retrieved over the phone or from entering your information on our website. Our consultations to discuss your traffic ticket issues are free of charge, so call today to learn more!

Client Reviews
I contacted The Bankruptcy Company for a speeding ticket. The service they provided was excellent and affordable. After emailing them a copy of the ticket, they they took care of everything else. I have referred several friends there, and they all have had the same experience. I highly recommend them. Ann Schrodt
All I'm gonna say is, if your using this office, Jennifer P. Alter gets things done, answers questions, e-mails quickly & professionally .... totally recommend her .... SHE ROCKS!! Andre Valentini
I've used this firm twice, both for speeding tickets. Both times it was zero hassle: just a matter of giving them the ticket. I've also recommended them to my friends, who have had the same experience. (My friends and I speed a lot.) Highly recommended. I'm sure I'll be back. David Rieken