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We would be more than happy to assist you with any misdemeanor criminal charges in or near Wildwood MO!!  Our goal is simple:  to ensure that the charge does no lasting or long term damage to your future.

How do we accomplish this goal?  To begin with, we will closely examine all the pertinent facts of your case, then we will determine the best defense strategy, then we will represent your legal interests to the fullest.


Very often, our efforts result in a deal with the prosecutor in which your charge is reduced down to a lesser infraction (so that nothing negative ever appears on your permanent record).  And in some cases, we are even able to get the charges dismissed (especially if your Constitutional rights were violated).

But the last thing you want to do is plead guilty to the charge!  Why?  Because a plea of guilt will allow the state of Missouri to put the conviction on your record.  Once the conviction is on your record, anyone wishing to run a criminal background check on you will see it.

Who might want to run such a background check?  Potential employers, landlords, student loan companies, banks, and government agencies.  So if you are trying to get a job, rent an apartment, or take advantage of certain services, you could easily be screened out as a candidate.

But again, it doesn’t have to turn out this way!!  All you need to do is give us a call (or shoot us a text, send us an email, or fill out an online form).  And we will take it from there!

The affordable St Louis, MO criminal defense attorneys at The Law Office of Jennifer Alter-Rieken, have been helping people with their criminal charges for over ten (10) years.  We want to do everything we can to help you get the best possible outcome!  We want to make sure that your record stays as clean!!  And we want to do all of this at an affordable price.  The fees for a typical St. Louis misdemeanor charge start at $450.  Our fees for a low level felony charge start at $750.  But the initial consultation to discuss your legal issues is free of charge.  So contact us today!!

We have two main locations:  in the Central West End of St. Louis, at 1 North Taylor (on the corner of Taylor and Laclede), 63108;  and in the Twin Cities of Festus / Crystal City, at 1000 Truman Blvd (Highway 61/67), 63019.  The initial consultation is free of charge.  So contact us today to learn more!!

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