St. Louis Wage Garnishment

Filing a St. Louis bankruptcy will put an immediate stop to a garnishment of your wages. An experienced St. Louis bankruptcy attorney can notify the creditor as soon as the case is filed, and the creditor will have to immediately release the garnishment.

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A St. Louis wage garnishment is a tactic commonly used by creditors in which they take a portion of your check. Wage garnishment laws vary from state to state. In Missouri, wage garnishment laws allow creditors to take up to 25 percent of your paycheck (or up to 10 percent if you qualify as head of household).

The Longer You Wait, the More of Your Wages the Creditor Will Take!!

If a creditor is garnishing your wages, this means they have obtained a judgment against you. If you fall behind in payments, the creditor may file a law suit against you to collect the debt, and obtain a judgment against you for the amount you owe. Once the creditor has received a judgment, they can then file paperwork with the court to have your wages garnished.

Garnishments do have time limits, and in Missouri most last about 180 days. However, creditors can continue to renew their garnishments until the debt has been paid in full. Unfortunately, this means your check could be garnished for an indefinite period of time. Garnishments are embarrassing, and can make it difficult, if not impossible, to cover your living expenses, which just pushes you further into debt. Fortunately, there is a way to stop the garnishment for good.

Filing a St. Louis Chapter 7 or St. Louis Chapter 13 bankruptcy will stop wage garnishments and wipe out debt. Additionally, bankruptcy can stop a St. Louis repossession, as well as a St. Louis foreclosure, and can keep creditors from making further attempts to collect their debts.

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