Traffic Court in St. Louis


When you receive a St. Louis traffic or speeding ticket from a St. Louis-area police officer, the rectangular-shaped document will provide you with a variety of information.  For instance, the citation will indicate the type of infraction for which you were pulled over (such as speeding, unlawful lane change, changing lanes without signaling, driving without proof of insurance, etc.); the date and time on which you were pulled over (including the citing officer’s name and badge number); the associated fine; and the date and time on which you are required to appear in court.  The day and time of your traffic court hearing may vary according to the particular municipality in question (however, it is not unusual for the proceedings to be held at night).
Traffic court can be an unnerving experience for those not familiar with such proceedings.  There are usually a large number of people milling about, men and women in suits hustling to and fro, and an intimidating man or woman dressed in a long, black rode seated on a towering bench.  This scene is not for the faint-of-heart, and can add to an already stressful situation.   More often than not, the trip to court is nothing but a formality, as your conviction is almost assured.  This is because the prosecutor will simply state the nature of your St. Louis traffic ticket to the judge, the court will ask you for any evidence you may have to offer in opposition to the ticket, and then the judge will deliver his or her decision.  A fine is then assessed, and you will be given a period of time in which to pay it. 

If this does not sound like the best set of circumstances to be involved with, or something you would have any interest experiencing, then you may wish to consider hiring a knowledgeable law firm that can handle these matters for you.  The affordable St. Louis traffic ticket defense lawyers at The Law Office of Jennifer Alter-Rieken are in the business of making your life easier by getting the St. Louis speeding ticket amended to a lesser infraction.  Once the St. Louis traffic ticket is reduced, no points will be assessed to your driving record.  A large accumulation of points on your record can result in higher auto insurance rates, and even a loss of driving privileges.  But by working with the local prosecutor, our a St. Louis traffic ticket lawyer can negotiate a settlement that keeps your record clean, and your ability to get to work or school clear.  Our consultations to discuss your St. Louis traffic ticket issues are free of charge, and we are normally able to retrieve most of the information we need over the phone (or by filling out our online form).  Contact us to today to learn more!

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