Only $35 For Most Sullivan Missouri Speeding Tickets


Here is a short synopsis of how a Sullivan Missouri speeding ticket is typically handled by an experienced attorney:  Your ticket defense lawyer lets the court know that he/she is representing you on the traffic matter;  your attorney then works closely with the local prosecutor to get that ticket (which is described as a “moving violation”) reduced down to a non-moving violation (such as “Illegal Parking” or “Defective Equipment”).  This way, no points will ever become a part of your permanent driving record (and believe me, that is the #1 goal!!)  


Why is the goal to eliminate points?  Because points on your driving record (that come from a Sullivan Missouri speeding ticket) are an indication that you do not (or will not) follow basic traffic law.  And once your car insurance provider is made aware of the existence of those points (which will be pretty much immediately), it will jack up your monthly rates through the roof.  Even one or two points will result in an increase of about 35% above your current rates (and if you receive more, then you are looking at 50-60% increases).  That will quite literally blow a hole through your household budget!  And if you consider the fact that those points will stay on your driving record for at least the next three years (after which you might qualify for a clean slate), you can count on paying out several thousand extra dollars to the automobile insurance industry (money that could have gone to basic needs, like rent, food, or utilities).  


But even when this information is relayed to my clients, there are still those who believe that it is a better decision to go ahead and take the points.  Why?  Because they look at the fine listed on the back of their speeding ticket (which is going to be around $150) and think that is cheaper than paying the fine once court amends the ticket down to a non-moving violation.  But what these folks are not taking into account, of course, is the fact that those points will amount to a severe decrease to their wallet (in the form of increased costs going towards monthly car insurance).

And that’s not the only bad thing about points!!  Because if you allow a lot of points to become a part of your driving record, then the state of Missouri will automatically suspend your license for a full year.  This can happen when you get too many points over a short period of time.  Just imagine catching rides with your friends and family for the next twelve months, and you can see what can of a hassle this can be!!  And by the way, if you are caught driving on a suspended license, the penalty will not be a normal traffic ticket.  It’ll be a criminal misdemeanor charge (which can come with potential jail time and a large fine).  So please do get in touch with us as soon as possible, and we will get to work on your traffic matters immediately! 

The affordable Missouri traffic ticket lawyers at The Law Office of Jennifer Alter-Rieken have been taking care of people’s traffic tickets and warrants for over ten (10) years.  We specialize in making sure that your record stays clean, your insurance rates remain the same, and that you are free to travel about in your car as you please.  And we want to do it all at an affordable price.  The fees for recalling a standard arrest warrant are $150.  The fees for handling a Driving While Suspended ticket start at $225.  The fees for a typical traffic ticket start at $35.  But the initial consultation to discuss your legal issues is free of charge.  So contact us today to learn more!!

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