'Points' Against My Driving Record in St. Louis

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The state of Missouri has devised a system of “points” that are given each time you commit a violation of law while driving. Depending upon the severity of the infraction, a certain number of these points are assessed. For instance, if you are pulled over for traveling in excess of the posted speed limit (i.e. a St. Louis speeding ticket), the state assesses two (2) points. These points are negative marks against you, and are reflected in your driving record.

Our St. Louis Traffic Ticket Attorneys Can Make Sure That Your Car Insurance Is Not Affected

As the points accumulate on your record because of a St. Louis traffic ticket, there are certain implications you should be aware of. For example, the more points you receive, the higher your automobile insurance will rise. This rise in your monthly premiums will result because your insurance carrier will deem you to be a higher risk as a driver. It is not unlike a health insurance company denying you coverage because of a preexisting condition – your past driving record has a lot of points against it, so now the auto carrier is going to treat you like a bad driver.

In addition, an accumulation of points over a short period of time can have an effect on whether or not you keep your driver’s license. If, for example, you receive eight (8) points in a period of eighteen (18) months, the Missouri Department of Revenue will suspend your driving privileges. This suspension could last anywhere from thirty (30) to ninety (90) days in length. But a full revocation can occur as well. This can happen when you receive twelve (12) or more points in a twelve (12) month span; eighteen (18) or more points in a twenty-four (24) month span; or twenty-four (24) or more points in a thirty-six (36) month span. The above-mentioned accumulations can and will result in the DOR revoking your driver’s license for one (1) year.

As you can see, having points on your driving record can have lasting (and costly) effects. If you lose your license to drive, your ability to get to work, school, or the grocery store will be severely limited. But this set of circumstances does not have to exist. In fact, you need not ever have points assessed to your record at all (even if you are pulled over several times a year). The affordable St. Louis traffic ticket defense lawyers at The Bankruptcy Company have been helping people with their speeding and traffic issues for years. Our goal is to make sure that your record is kept clean, that your insurance is kept at a reasonable rate, and that you are able to continue driving so that you can get to where you need to go. We do this by negotiating with the local prosecutor, so that the moving violation you have been charged with (for example, driving without proof of insurance) is reduced to a non-moving violation. By getting the St. Louis speeding ticket amended to a non-moving infraction, no points will put on your record.

Our consultations to discuss these matters are free of charge. And most of the information we need to retrieve from you can be gained over the phone, or by simply filling out our online form. The simple speeding ticket you receive should not end up causing you a great deal of stress. Let us take the case over, and handle everything for you from start to finish!

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