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Although your Cape Girardeau Missouri speeding ticket may seem like a simple thing, there are many ways in which this ticket can come back to haunt you.  This could be in the form of higher car insurance, points on your driving record, and even the possibility of a suspension of your driver’s license.  If you would prefer to avoid this type of outcome, then please do read below to see how we can help.


The unfortunate reality is that most Americans (even in places like Cape Girardeau Missouri) handle their speeding tickets by themselves.  I describe this as “unfortunate” because more often than not, people simply plead guilty to the ticket.  How does someone plead guilty to a ticket?  All you have to do is pay the fine listed on the back of the citation.  And poof!, just like that, you’ve admitted guilt.


But this will lead directly to the state of Missouri placing a certain number of points on your permanent driving record.  Even one or two points will increase your automobile insurance through the roof (by as much as 35% above your current rates).  And if you do the calculations, you’ll notice that over the next several years you will be shelling out thousands of extra dollars (money that could have been spent on much more important things, like basic household expenses).  

Having said all of that, it is worth restating just how important the handling of your Missouri traffic ticket can be.  Because again, most Americans choose to plead guilty (which leads to the above-mentioned points).  The reason why people go this route is because initially, it would appear as if it is cheaper to simply pay the fine listed on the back of the ticket (which is usually around $100).  But the long term consequences of pleading guilty should make it clear that taking this action will result in a major financial headache (spread out over many years).

One more thing about the accumulation of points on your driving record:  receiving too many of them in a short period of time will lead to a suspension of your driver’s license for a full year.  So if you like to drive, this would obviously be a bad outcome (especially since you’d have to catch rides and flag an Uber).  And just so you know, getting caught driving on a suspended license will land you with a misdemeanor criminal charge.

And then there are the folks who do nothing at all.  But if you end up missing a required court hearing on your ticket, the judge will issue a warrant for your arrest.  This warrant will remain active until either you are arrested or the warrant is recalled by a judge.  

So let’s assume you would rather avoid this kind of mess!  Instead, you should get in touch with us.  Our goal will be to get the speeding ticket reduced from a moving violation down to a non-moving violation.  This is because non-moving violations do not come with any points to your permanent driving record.  And this is the exact sort of outcome you want!  So please do reach out to us as soon as possible!!

The affordable Missouri traffic ticket lawyers at The Law Office of Jennifer Alter-Rieken have been taking care of people’s traffic tickets and warrants for over ten (10) years.  We specialize in making sure that your record stays clean, your insurance rates remain the same, and that you are free to travel about in your car as you please.  And we want to do it all at an affordable price.  The fees for recalling a standard arrest warrant are $150.  The fees for handling a Driving While Suspended ticket start at $225.  The fees for a typical traffic ticket start at $35.  But the initial consultation to discuss your legal issues is free of charge.  So contact us today to learn more!!

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