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When you are facing criminal charges from the state of Missouri, the prosecutor bears the burden of proving that you have actually committed the crime you have been charged with.  Every crime the state may charge you with has a certain number of components or “elements” (sometimes three or four different elements).  Unless the state prosecutor can prove that your actions rose to the level of each element, then you cannot be found guilty of the crime in question.


Of course, that is how things are supposed to work.  In reality, it is the prosecutor’s job to get as many convictions as he or she can.  This means that the prosecutor will more often than not push for as stiff of a conviction as possible.  But this is why it is so terribly important to have an attorney fighting for your constitutional rights.  This is why it is so terribly important to have an expert St. Louis criminal defense attorney on your side who can steer you through the world of St. Louis criminal defense, and make sure that your rights are protected. 

Even charges that are considered to be smaller infractions of the law, like a St. Louis assault charge, or marijuana possession in St. Louis, can cause lifelong ramifications if not handled properly.  A seasoned Missouri criminal defense lawyer can review the evidence against you, determine if the state has enough of a case against you to proceed with the charges, work closely with the prosecutor at every stage, and at all times seek a reduction of the alleged charges or dismissal of the case. 

If the prosecutor does in fact sufficiently prove that there is solid evidence to proceed against you in a court of law, or if talks with the prosecutor to secure a plea fall through, then it is possible that the case will go to trial.  Even though the vast majority of all criminal matters end in some sort of a deal between you and the state (commonly referred to as a “plea bargain”, in which you agree to be charged with some lesser offense that carries a smaller fine), criminal trials are sometimes necessary.  More often than not, criminal trials are very low-key affairs (quite the opposite of what you may have seen on television) during which the parties stand in front of the judge, who hears that evidence, and then makes a ruling from the bench.  Of course, a trial by jury can be requested (or demanded) as well.  But it must be understood that jury-trials can be very risky affairs, as the outcome is not easily predicted.  This means that even in a case that appears to be a slam-dunk for you in the beginning, can end up with a finding against you completely.  As a result, the cost of defending you in a trial can be hefty.  But then this is why our firm fights so hard in the beginning to either get the charges against you reduced or dismissed.

Either way, the St. Louis criminal defense lawyers at The Law Office of Jennifer Alter-Rieken have been putting the best interests of our clients front and center for years.  We will fight hard to get you the best result possible, maintaining a high degree of professionalism at all times, and make sure that your legal rights are fully preserved.  

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