Traffic Tickets and Misdemeanor Criminal Defense in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS TRAFFIC TICKETS:  Sometimes things just happen.  You get pulled over for speeding, or you forget to signal before changing lanes, or even fail to come to a complete stop at a light.  These things happen all the time, even to the best of us!  In most cases, such St. Louis traffic violations can be taken care of through what is called a Request for Recommendation.  This is a legal document that an attorney files with the court which makes a request that your ticket be reduced (or amended) to a non-moving violation.  This in turn keeps the St. Louis traffic ticket off your driving record, and prevents your automobile insurance from being adversely affected.


ST. LOUIS WARRANTS:  And every once and awhile, the St. Louis traffic ticket that you received will get stuffed in the glove compartment, and your court date will come and go.  When this happens, the normal course of action for the judge is to issue a Bench Warrant for your arrest.  But not to worry!  An attorney can make a plea to the judge to have the St. Louis arrest warrant pulled (so that you will not get arrested for the infraction), and then file a Request for Recommendation to take care of the underlying St. Louis traffic ticket.


MISDEMEANORS:  And of course, when life throws a curveball at you, you can find yourself in a more serious situation.  If you get into some sort of physical altercation, or domestic dispute, very often you can be cited with either Assault or Battery (or both).  Or if you were on someone else’s property, it is possible to be charged with Trespassing.  Or if you were driving while under the influence, you could be ticketed with a DUI or DWI.  Or if you are caught in the possession of some sort of illegal substance (like drugs or drug paraphernalia), you could either receive a citation (or even arrested).  And then of course there are occasions in which your children can get into a scrape, like Underage Drinking, which can easily result in a ticket as well.

These types of situations require a bit more lawyering than the first two sets of examples.  But again, there is plenty that an experienced Missouri criminal defense attorney can do to help!  Your lawyer can negotiate some sort of deal with the prosecutor, or in some cases, possibly even get the case against you dismissed (depending on the circumstances and facts).
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